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Smart City Services

Smart City Services

Smart Cities use IoT services to deliver essential services in an optimum way, which allows investment in other areas to improve the overall quality for life. Solutions like smart buildings, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance can transform these urban havens.

In other words, smart cities make smart choices.

Speaking of smart choices, it doesn’t get better than Xpand’s suite of IoT solutions.


Transforming cities with IoT solutions

The IoT offering from Xpand helps create a smart public infrastructure to deliver Integrated security, efficient maintenance of infrastructure, early disaster warnings, and even real-time air quality. By intelligently delivering essential services, resources are made available to invest in other services to improve quality of life for the citizens with data, devices, and detection.

Here are just a few reasons why

Connecting to the future with more choices and limitless extensibility.

Optimised Cities Optimised Cities

Utilises aggregated IoT data to provide a platform for multiple systems that improves Integrated security and real-time air quality.

Infrastructure & Property Management Infrastructure & Property Management

Greatly improves the efficiency of infrastructure maintenance and reduces overall manpower costs using an LPWAN network for IoT devices.

Disaster Management Disaster Management

Provides early natural disaster warnings and responses for citizens, such as detecting potential flashfloods while draining water levels and quality.