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Machine To Machine (M2M)

Machine To Machine (M2M)

Machine to Machine, or M2M, is a technology that allows wireless and wired systems to communicate with similar devices across a network.

This technology uses a device, such as a sensor, to capture data in a machine and transmit it across a network to a program that can make use of it.

When you couple this with our IoT solutions, you create an offering that has limitless potential.

Delivering seamless and advanced services on a real-time basis

At Xpand, we are helping device manufacturers explore opportunities to combine M2M software with our IoT initiatives.

When the connection between the two technologies is used to share device data, a vast number of possibilities open up, which allows manufacturers to find new ways to monetise their offerings.

On a larger scale, this collaboration is enabling the implementation of new and lucrative business models. All of this, made possible with the IoT solutions from Xpand.

Here are just a few reasons why

Supplying end-to-end solutions for a smarter world.

Multi-sensor and multi-device support Multi-sensor and multi-device support

Collect different kinds of data and support various protocols by supporting sensor device interfaces from multiple manufacturers.

High level security High level security

Securely manage your data at three different levels: Sensors and devices level, communication route level, and database level.

Proven technology and expertise Proven technology and expertise

Provide a highly reliable and secure platform by leveraging our experience of implementing dozens of M2M systems.