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Connected Industry

Connected Industry

A connected industry ensures that all assets, procedures, and resources are performing at optimum levels. Normally, this would be close to impossible, but the IoT solutions from Xpand can help make it happen.

We can help deliver end-to-end IoT solutions customised for any and every industry. This allows you to track employee performances and perform predictive maintenance, while ensuring complete digital security.

Making a fully connected Industry 4.0 a reality

With Xpand, your business benefits from seamless connectivity through a range of IoT solutions, from smart meters to vehicle tracking. You can also leverage the power of data analytics to keep business costs down.

Here are just a few reasons why

Enhancing performances through industry specific IoT solutions.

Smart Meters Smart Meters

Keep track of wastage and ensure cost optimisation by tracking assets such as electricity, gas, and water.

Digital Security Alternatives Digital Security Alternatives

Protect your assets with SIM authentication, attendance checks, and connected entrances.