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The Internet of things


Look around you. From switching on your washing machine with an app, to allowing driverless cars to navigate through traffic, the Internet of Things is an omnipresent force that is driving change in every aspect of our lives.

Thanks to cutting edge nanotechnology, where a network of devices containing special sensors can connect and exchange data, IoT solutions have become essential for most businesses.

Fortunately, that’s where we come in.


Xpand offers a range of IoT solutions for your business through the Xpand IoT Cloud Platform. These services can transform your bottom line through improved service delivery, empowered field staff and greater business insights.

Our IoT services are customised to almost every industry, be it manufacturing, healthcare, utilities, or transportation.

Get on board the Xpand IoT Cloud Platform and enjoy access to information and control like never before, with big improvements in operational efficiency, asset utilisation, cost efficiency, and customer experience.

A Complete IOT Ecosystem

The IoT Cloud Platform from Xpand connects developers and enterprises across a one-stop unified IoT platform. So whether you're building IoT-enabled devices or looking for the perfect business solutions, Xpand IoT Cloud Platform is the place for you.

Xpand IoT Cloud Platform

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With our ASEAN footprint, our end-to-end IoT solutions are setting the global standard.

Extensive bundle options Reliability

You can depend on our smart networks for better performance, reliability and security.

Extensive bundle options Flexibility and scalability

Customise your solution from a range of plans, features, and scale, as per your requirement.

Extensive bundle options Maximise IoT resources

Reduce your expenditure by moving to the cloud, and only paying for what you use.

Extensive bundle options Quality partner support

Enjoy access to experienced IoT partners to ensure you get the solution life cycle support you need.

Extensive bundle options Increased efficiency

Focus on your core business deliverables and needs as we help optimise your output.