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Once upon a time, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) ruled the roost. Today, things are a little different. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are valuable partners with traditional service providers, leading to growth and innovation across the industry.

Whether it is existing brands looking to add to their products and services, or existing operators creating a new brand to target more consumers, or even brand new companies looking to enter the field, the MVNO model allows everyone to offer mobile services.

With a growing pool of savvy customers who expect superior service, the market is now changing again. MVNOs are evolving and are offering a host of customised solutions for a better customer experience. The MVNO and MVNE (Mobile Virtual Service Enabler) solutions from Xpand are designed to help our clients stand out in this crowded market.

Delivering customised solutions through real-time mobile services

The suite of MVNO and MVNE solutions from Xpand allows for a B/OSS and Unified VAS framework for serving all kinds of mobile networks. How do we do this? By offering an unprecedented degree of flexibility and compatibility for all kinds of MVNOs.

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Our comprehensive suite of MVNx services can make the difference for your company.

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