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Wholesale Voice & Roaming

Wholesale Voice & Roaming

When a caller dials an international number, the service provider helps it reach its destination with the help of another international carrier. Once the call arrives and is answered, it is considered ‘terminated’.

Wholesale Voice Termination solutions from Xpand help the service providers to provide connectivity and consistent voice quality services to their customers.

Additionally, our Wholesale Roaming solutions enable connectivity in foreign destinations through roaming services like 3G, CAMEL, LTE and beyond. This is possible thanks to our commercial partnerships with key international operators, that drive value for both operators and subscribers.

Connecting you to the rest of the world through our strategic partnerships

Axiata Voice Hub (AVH) is a complete platform that consolidates voice traffic for Axiata Group and wholesale international voice partners. It provides secure network infrastructure, quality, world-class routing, and single point of settlement.

AVH provides a single destination for connectivity, monitoring, routing, settlement, network management, partnership, guaranteed quality and services, as well as competitive pricing. Our roaming solutions also maximise international roaming services for a hassle-free international experience.

Here are just a few reasons why

Creating a single point of connectivity for the Wholesale Voice and roaming business.

Complete Service Delivery Complete Service Delivery

Single point of solution for efficiently delivering international Wholesale Voice services.

Best Network Quality Best Network Quality

Our network provides high-quality of ASR, NER, ACD, PDD, speech quality (MOS) with latest system and technology, as well as unlimited capacity.

Dedicated Wholesale Team Dedicated Wholesale Team

Your business is supported by a centralised team of experts with extensive connections, in-depth wholesale knowledge, and effective negotiation skills.

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