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Wholesale Data

Wholesale Data

Providers have an innovative method of providing data to their customers. They lease them large blocks of power and space in a data centre, and this is referred to as a wholesale data centre.

Market standards for power and space capacity vary, depending on the design and demand of the data centre. The overall responsibility of the data centre usually lies with the data centre provider, or even with the customers themselves.

Xpand offers wholesale data solutions that challenge these existing methods, and help you manage your customers’ data needs better with a dedicated infrastructure.

Providing design flexibility and operational control

With Xpand’s Wholesale Data solutions, the ultimate control of the data centre lies with you.

A flexible design coupled with an integrated network founded on our existing optical grid, with national coverage, offers you a comprehensive array of solutions for wholesale data management.

Here are just a few reasons why

Improving your connectivity experience.

Connectivity and coverage Connectivity and coverage

Enjoy a reliable service experience anywhere with our international networks and extensive coverage.

The best tools on the market The best tools on the market

Fulfil your customers’ expectations with our high performing products, tools, and solutions.

Expertise you can rely on Expertise you can rely on

Meet your business needs with unique solutions created by our data and IP experts.

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