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Application As A Service

Application As A Service

Software now comes as a dedicated service, and not simply as a means to an end. These cloud-based applications can be accessed through the internet or an API, and help you connect with consumers like never before, connecting them anywhere with our countries bringing the richness of telco, digital and payment options.

We help you create improved customer experiences, gain cognitive analytics, and enrich your content portfolio with a consumer centric application.

Delivering an array of services to suit your needs when you are away from home

Our applications can transform your relationship with our customers. From front to back, every department can help you create a better overall product. These applications are designed to offer valuable and timely content, payment and analytics, and fulfill telecom, digital and payment needs.

Here are just a few reasons why

Improving the performance, scalability, and reliability of your applications.

Boost efficiency with applications

Boost efficiency with applications customised for specific roles.

Use your business learnings and industry

Use your business learnings and industry knowledge for your growth.

Rely on your essential

Rely on your essential applications when you most need them.

Launch a comprehensive OTT offering.

Launch a comprehensive OTT offering.

Harness all the applications

Harness all the applications, video management, and distribution services you need.

Deliver an integrated service

Deliver an integrated service right from the start.

Expand into new markets.

Expand into new markets.

Use transaction and subscription

Use transaction and subscription packages to build revenue streams.

Leverage the Axiata network

Leverage the Axiata network for rich content delivery.