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High-Throughput Satellite

High-Throughput Satellite

All around the world, irrespective of markets or applications, internet connectivity has become essential for individuals and businesses to remain relevant in the digital age. However, many areas still remain either unserved or underserved with no access to high-speed internet connectivity.

Thanks to the latest High-Throughput Satellite technology, those areas and terrains which high-quality broadband services would traditionally be unavailable can now enjoy access to internet bandwidth.

Xpand is committed to bringing high-speed internet connectivity to remote locations, ensuring that individuals and businesses are not left behind in the evolution towards “Industry 4.0”.

Bringing connectivity everywhere and for everyone

Xpand offers internet connectivity for otherwise inaccessible locations with one of the most advanced High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) in Asia Pacific. Our High-Throughput Satellite is optimised for data, with a bandwidth capacity that is 25 times higher than normal satellites.

By taking advantage of frequency reuse and multiple spot beams to increase throughput, our HTS delivers cheaper bandwidth at higher speeds while bringing down the cost of user terminals for the customers.

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Setting the global standard with our ASEAN footprint and end-to-end High-Throughput Satellite services.

Extensive bundle options Remote Connectivity

Inaccessible locations can now enjoy bandwidth, thanks to our High-Throughput Satellite.

Extensive bundle options Bandwidth Support And Maintenance

Our constant service ensures that you enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

Extensive bundle options Multiple Spot Beam Technology

Make the most of bandwidth capacity that is 25 times higher than the conventional Ku band satellites.

Extensive bundle options Lower Costs

Enjoy a significant reduction in cost-per-bit by switching to HTS.

Extensive bundle options Enhancing Broadband Systems

Higher throughput for broadcast and broadband services to improve surfing time for users.

Extensive bundle options Ease Of Use

With self-installation and self-maintenance features, High-Throughput Satellites are easier and more convenient than normal satellites.

Extensive bundle options Redundancy Measures

Duplicate the critical functions of a system to ensure business continuity and mission-critical use cases to remain operational against unprecedented downtimes or crises.